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West Greenland Skin-on-frame Kayak Kit
(Bristol, UK - Collection preferred).

£POA. Get in touch to discuss a fair price

West Greenland replica hunting kayak (the 1931 Disko Bay IV-A-375. 16'4" long, 20" wide, approx 26lbs), made up to the Cape Falcon Kayak plans.


I have an unused west-greenland kayak kit in my workshop, which was earmarked for one of the courses I had to cancel due to Covid-19 restrictions.

I don’t usually sell kits as I prefer teaching classes or building boats, but I hope this will keep someone busy.

You have me at the end of the phone/Zoom/Facetime if you have any questions during the build.

This kit is the twin of the kayak that Paul Nicol paddles, so ask him about how it handles. I wouldn’t recommend it for a beginner paddler.


The kit doesn’t include absolutely every last thing you’ll need, but does include the main pre-machined frame components, as well as a lot of the hard-to-source materials that I carry stock of for classes and commissions.

Included in this sale: (all clear straight-grained Western Red Cedar unless otherwise stated)

  • Gunwales x 2 (pre-morticed for the deckbeams and ribs, with bow and stern wedges already glued and faired in to give the classic WG sheer line)

  • Stringers x 2 (rolling bevels cut)

  • Keel

  • Bow and stern stems (Stern stem has a cosmestic knot - no structural issue, see video)

  • Deckbeams (6 x straight WRC, 1 x curved Douglas Fir, 1 straight Douglas Fir for behind the cockpit)

  • Foredeck stringers x 2

  • 2 x endplates (Ash)

  • Aft deck stringers (Ash)

  • 30 x Ribs (I machine these myself from straight-grained english oak for steam bending. You need 20, so there are 10 spare)

  • Ocean-style cockpit (Laminated, steam-bent oak, fastened with silicon-bronze nails - needs sanding)

  • Enough dowels to complete the build

  • 240 gsm ballistic nylon skin

  • Sewing materials - either enough seine twine and nylon thread to sew using the traditional lacing method or enough welting cord and thread if you want to use the welting cord method.

  • Enough seine twine to sew the cockpit in

  • Heavy leather deck lines - chromium tanned from one of the last working tannerys in the UK, which happens to be behind my workshop! Brown or Black. I’ve hung off one of these for a roof beam so they’re strong

  • HDPE blocks to make deck-line toggles. And HDPE keel strips


This kit was machined for another client/course who cancelled. You’ll notice that some of the mortices are slightly long (longer than Brian @ Cape Falcon specifies). I no longer cut my mortices over-long, but I’ll talk you through how to compensate for this when you collect the kit

Also note: this doesn’t include any of the plywood forms or jigs you’ll need, And there are some other disposables and bits and bobs you’ll have to buy, but they should be widely available. These are all listed in the Cape Falcon plans. I also haven’t included wood for your masik. I can supply that separately if you want.

Collection from my workshop in Bristol.

For obvious reasons this is not easily shipped. I’m happy to hold it until you can collect if, but you’ll need to pay in full to reserve it.

Email or call 07949 546662 if you'd like to reserve this.

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